Road Roller Association Sales

It is hoped to produce a list of RRA Sales in the near future.

Pudsey Die-Cast

The Friends of Pudsey Roller have a Limited Edition and fully certificated green die-cast roller for sale. Please see the Pudsey Roller page for more details.

The Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society has just published a book about the history of Phoenix Engineering works in Chard, Somerset. The works started as an agricultural foundry in 1838. From 1890 it became the Phoenix Engineering Co. Ltd. and specialised in Contractor's equipment particularly for road making and maintenance. The firm is still in existence and is a world leader in tar and chipping spreaders. The book is 68 pages, and has copious illustrations. It is hoped that copies will be available from RRA Sales in the near future, but in the meantime can be obtained from :-
Geoff Fitton
Giles Cottage
Brent Knoll
for 6.95 including postage and packing.