Lost Registrations - the V765 Scheme and and issue of 'age related' registration marks - Updated 19-Jan-2014

Of considerable assistance to RRA members is the V765 Scheme.

Since the early 1990s the Association's Vice Chairman and Steam Archivist, Derek Rayner, has been the RRA's Authenticating Officer for the DVLA’s ‘Lost Registration’ Scheme – better known as the ‘V765 Scheme’ after the designation of the form used for the application. This has enabled 'Lost Registrations' for both Steam and Motor Rollers to be retrieved and re-allocated to the vehicle on which they were previously carried. Derek has considerable experience of this scheme and many applications have so far been successfully achieved. Not one of those which has been submitted to Swansea has so far been refused by them, although there have been one or two which have been passed back to the applicants by Derek because of incorrect or inadequate documentation.

Derek looks after both Steam Rollers and Motor Rollers on behalf of the Road Roller Association and can also offer advice on other types of classic plant and machinery that may require a similar service.

It should be noted that it is the applicant's responsibility to provide adequate traceable documentary evidence that the Registration Number being claimed is specifically for that vehicle. This can be achieved in a number of ways and two Fact Sheets are available to Members who may purchase and restore a Steam Roller or Motor Roller and then wish to reclaim its historic Registration Number. As well as outlining the Procedures, these Fact Sheets also give details of the fees appertaining to the service. For those rollers that have never been registered, a ‘Dating letter’ can be provided that will satisfy the Authorities and enable an ‘age-related’ number to be provided.

All rollers that come within the above requirements will require to be inspected to verify the authenticity of the information supplied.

The fact sheets, in PDF format, are available for download below :-

RRA Fact Sheet No. 1 - Lost and missing Registration marks - V765 Scheme etc.

RRA Fact Sheet No. 2 - Steam and Motor Rollers not Previously Registered

Since V765 applications are for the taxation class of ‘Historic Vehicle’, in view of the DLVA’s definition of a Radically Altered Vehicle (RAV), any applications for vehicles that come under the RAV category, which bring them out of the Historic Vehicle taxation class category, will be referred to Swansea for them to be dealt with separately.

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