Pudsey Roller on the front page of the the Times, The Pudsey Times that is!

The Pudsey Roller featured on the front page of the Pudsey Time on Thursday 19 March 2009. An image of the front page is below, followed by the text of the article.

The Pudsey Times

ROLLERING ON by Laura Bowyer

The dilapidated steam roller that once stood in Pudsey Park has been stripped down but a fundraising drive to restore it keeps on gathering pace.

Manufactured in 1921 by John Fowler Ltd. of Hunslet, Leeds, the machine was gifted to the people of Pudsey in 1959 by local benefactor Sir Walter Ward.

The roller was used as a plaything in the park by local children, but it became derelict and had to be removed for safety reasons in 1986.

Leeds City Council can't sell the engine because of the way it was gifted. Instead, the Road Roller Association negotiated a 25-year loan of the machine and a Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund was set up to fund the repair work.

Ian Fearnley, from Morley, the Road Roller Association's operations officer, and his som Jamie are working on dismantling the corroded shell before the internals of the boiler are inspected and assessed for the next stage of work.

The tender will need replacing completly because it has corroded away to nothing in parts as a result of it having stood outside for many years.

Quotations are also being obtained for its replacement but a drawing has to be produced first before that can happen.

The Road Roller Association's Pudsey Restoration Fund has so far topped the 13,000 figures towards the goal of 30,000.

Brian Woodhouse, from the group said: "It was quite a scary sight to see the Pudsey Roller in such a state of repair but these guys have the confidence and experience to achieve the result we are after:

"It is a tall order but it will eventually be a satisfactory one for all to see. There is still a long way to go but we are well on the way now towards raising the money we need."

The group will be hosting a stand at Pudsey Family and Local History Fair on April 4 at Pudsey Civic Hall and to help with fund raising they aim to have a range of keyrings, badges and die-cast models on sale.