Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund - October 2012

The following Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund Sub-Committee report was presented to the main RRA Committee at their October 2012 meeting by Derek Rayner.

Over the late spring and summer period those involved in the restoration have all been involved in rallying and other activities. As a result, little has happened in the shed with regard to the hardware but it is expected that now the autumn has arrived, things will change.

The 2 working RRA Members have not been to the restoration shed, where what can only now be described as the remains of the roller are housed, since mid-July. They’ve been busy with their own activities but they hope to resume the work of removing the fire-box very soon. That this has been a somewhat protracted exercise is in no doubt and they make no apologies for that, save to say without the help of Jamie Fearnley they wouldn't be where they are now. It is planned to visit again in mid October to continue the work on the firebox. When they'd removed all the foundation ring rivets and turned the boiler over to start on the fire-hole door ring ones, they found two or three part-removed foundation ring rivets that had not been totally removed by others and those have subsequently also been dealt with.

Elsewhere, the sales and display stand, manned by both RRA and Friends of Pudsey Roller members, has attended some eight events in the locality. These have included the Middleton Railway, Thwaite Mills Industrial Museum, the Leeds and District TE Club’s Steam Toys North display at Armley Mills and local Carnivals at Armley and Bramley as well as the Pudsey Carnival in Queen’s Park. In early September, an invitation to attend a new venue – the 90th anniversary of the Pudsey Allotments & Cottage Gardeners' Association in the Leisure Centre at Pudsey was good because it was right next door to Pudsey Park in which the roller spent many years ‘entertaining’ children from the Borough. It was also good because some excellent contacts were made for other potentially good fund raising activities later. This run of shows has resulted in the total in the FoPR bank account now being just over £2,500. The last of the allocation of limited edition die-cast rollers has recently been obtained – and when these have been sold, it will conclude our activities in this respect. Unfortunately we consider that the Oxford die-cast model of a single-cylinder Fowler roller – recently released at Dorset - is really too small and delicate to be of use to us in its present form for our fund-raising purposes.

Looking forward and in line with previous years, the stand will be at the Ledgard Society’s Transport Fair on Saturday 27th October and at their running day a fortnight before when they are celebrating a significant anniversary of the firm by giving rides in ex-Ledgard buses around Pudsey.

Another in the series of ‘Transport and Steam’ Pie and Pea Suppers is being organised for early November. This one will outline something of the history of trams in the City of Leeds – with specific reference to the on-going restoration of the 1898 Leeds horse tram No 107 in which the presenter, Jamie Guest, and other members of the Leeds Transport Historical Society are involved.

The previous two shows on steam cranes have proved very successful fund-raising ventures and we hope to continue in the same vein with further shows in the Transport and Steam’ series in the future.

Finally, in the next issue of Rolling, there will be a flyer in respect of Christmas Cards, as we did last year.