Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund - October 2009

The following Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund Sub-Committee report was presented to the mail RRA Committee at their October meeting by Derek Rayner.

The Pudsey Roller’s Duo-Day took place on 4th April 2009. During the Family and Local History Fair held in Pudsey, the launch of the new organisation, Friends of Pudsey Roller, took place at mid-day. This was inaugurated by Lauren Prince, who was the then Pudsey Carnival Queen. This was followed later in the day by a meeting at the Conservative Club at which a slide presentation was given by myself and then the future of the new organisation was discussed.

The Fund’s sales stand attended Pudsey Carnival in Queen’s Park in mid-May – and Ian Fearnley’s Sentinel steam wagon took part in the Carnival procession. The Association and the PRRF were represented at the Yorkshire Vintage Association’s huge tractor event at Newby Hall near Boroughbridge in June and later, in July, there were attendances at a bus-related show at Leeds United’s football ground at Elland Road and also at the Leeds & District Traction Engine Club’s Toy Steam Engine event in Pudsey Park. At the end of August, we were at the Traction Engine Rally at Harewood at August bank holiday.

Earlier in the year as a result of some exceptionally good publicity afforded the project by the local paper, the Pudsey Times, organised by our co-opted Fund member Brian Woolhouse, I was approached by Paul Hogarth, a tutor in the Engineering Department at the Leeds City College. As a result of this contact, the college students are now on-board and very enthusiastic about the project and they are undertaking various restoration tasks at the college. In addition, the college have organised the production of a pattern using the old chimney base and this has now been cast by the Huddersfield foundry of H Downs on Leeds Road, free of charge. Machining will be on-going during this next few months. A new ashpan is also on the agenda. Additional tasks are now being looked at for the new intake of students who have just started.

The Pudsey Civic Society kindly agreed to allow us to put FoPR leaflets in their recent newsletter and hopefully more members will result from that. It is intended to do likewise with the next issue of Rolling when that goes out in November, along with an explanatory note.

I have brought a cheque today for £396.42 for the Fund which is made up of £211.55 sales and £90.37 bucket collections from the events mentioned above and also £94.50 in donations which have originated from myself from various sources and reasons. Paul will tell us the amount he knows of to which this figure (£396.42) should be added to make the total amount raised so far.

In the summer, the Fund went out to tender for a tender and after due comparison of the figures submitted, a contract has been let with the Hunslet Steam Company of Tamworth (Graham Lee – who we visited at Statfold Barn when we were at the 2008 AGM at Burton-on-Trent). One firm which was unable to tender because of other commitments sent a £50 donation in lieu and another guy joined as a result of receiving the invitation to tender. It is intended that some salvageable parts from the roller, such as the drawbar and manhole cover, will be used in this new construction – but much of the existing tender is totally shot as a result of its long exposure to the elements whilst in the Park. A quotation has also been received for a new boiler barrel – which is also no longer serviceable for the same reason as the tender. This will be pursued when the existing barrel is de-riveted – a task for which arrangements are now in hand.

Work on the provision of a new chimney (pledged) is also progressing and certain other components are being lined up for shot blasting and priming.

Things are moving well at present. The FoPR leaflets are here. Please join and show your support.

A cheque for £822.40 plus VAT is required as a deposit to progress the tender construction.