Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund - November 2012

The following Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund Sub-Committee report was presented to the main RRA Committee at their November 2012 meeting by Derek Rayner.

Since the beginning of the new academic year, Leeds City College have not been able to progress any work with their students on behalf of the roller. The college lecturer previously involved has now retired and his replacement has not been able to get involved in our type of ‘heavy engineering’ - so the initiative has seemingly now gone. There is, however, a will at the very top to continue to help the project and we are still hopeful that something will start to happen in our direction – eventually!!!

In mid-October, the Sales Stand attended a very successful Bus Running Day at Pudsey associated with the Centenary of the formation of the Samuel Ledgard firm that operated buses in the Leeds/Bradford/Otley/Ilkley area until 1967. It was also at Pudsey Civic Hall at the end of the month at a Bus and Collector’s Fair organised by the Samuel Ledgard Society.

In early November, another very successful Pie and Pea Supper with a ‘Transport and Steam’ theme took place at Farsley Liberal Club, organised by Friends of Pudsey Roller and over £150 was banked as a result of this. This time, the topic was Leeds Trams and included a fascinating insight into their history and also the reconstruction of the sole surviving Leeds horse tram, No 107. It is intended to organise another similar event with a different ‘Transport and Steam’ theme next March/April time.

The following weekend, a momentous day happened in the dismantling of the Pudsey Roller, in that after a long period of work on it by two RRA members, John Knapton and Eric Robinson, with assistance of others, and interspersed with summer holidays and rallying, the old and extremely holey firebox was finally removed. This has now given us the opportunity to call on the services of our appointed Boiler Inspector, Ian Vinton of VESL, to inspect what now remains of the roller’s firebox in early December so he can see what repairs are necessary to the outer box and also set out a plan to take the restoration forward. A brief inspection of the inside of the outer box by Ian Fearnley, the Association’s Operations Officer, indicates that it is almost certain that there will be a requirement for a ‘tombstone repair’, i.e. a patch to be letin under the firehole door. It is expected that such a repair can be funded with the finances presently available without a major problem. However, it is known that a replacement manufactured firebox cannot, at present, be funded - but we are probably not far short of the actual costs of the required plates.

So, if anyone knows of a fairy godmother who can come along and wave her magic wand and create a new firebox for us – just like that – then please contact Derek Rayner (01904 781519) to enable restoration to continue!

The following photographs show the current progress :-

Cutting Stays

Cutting Stays - Copyright John Knapton

Inner Box

Inner Box nearly out - Copyright John Knapton

Outer Box Inspection

The Outer Box now awaiting Inspection - Copyright John Knapton