Progress on "Pudsey Roller" - February 2009

The following is an abbreviated version of a report presented at a Road Roller Association Committee Meeting on 07 February 2009.

Physical progress has been made on the Roller in freeing off some of the seized motion and other items. Negotiations are on-going for the loan of some specialist burning gear to remove front end rivets in order to separate the smokebox ring and the front tubeplate. When this is done, the boiler will be virtually immobilised as the front rolls will obviously no longer be attached. It is intended to arrange the pledged boiler inspection when it is sensible to do so, although this may be put on hold until the firebox is out.

The PRRF stand attended the Transport and Collector’s Fair at Pudsey in early January. Just prior to that, some excellent publicity in the local paper and on the paper’s webpages resulted in a major surge in the sale of model Rollers – something like 20 were sold during one week. This achievement, plus those which were sold additionally at the Fair, has necessitated a further order being placed (and received). If anybody would like to purchase a model Roller they are available from PRRF, 42 Alexandra Road, Pudsey LS28 8BY - at £12.45 including postage.

Our Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the Pudsey Roller Sub-Committee, Derek Rayner gave a presentation to the Pudsey Civic Society on 20 January 2009. This was very well received and achieved two major results. The first of these was a cheque for £50 for the Fund for Derek's efforts and in addition, the PCS agreed to buy 20 rollers to sell on our behalf at events that they will attend in future. At the event, Derek was asked by a local men’s group if he would be prepared to present the same show to them – to which he agreed.

The Sub-Committee was due to meet on 14 February 2009 in order to view physical progress on the Roller and to discuss various issues. If anything comes from this meeting it will be published in the next bulletin. This Sub-Committee will be joined by Brian Woolhouse who has been very helpful in activities in the locality and helped man the stand at Pudsey in January.

The next items for sale will be a range of nick-nacks including key rings and fridge magnets, samples of which are now available. A bulk order for these was due to be placed after the Sub-Committee meeting and they should be available on sale at the RRA AGM in March.

Arrangements are currently being made to have a stand at the Pudsey Family History Fair in early April and discussions at the Sub-Committe meeting were due to centre around that and also the possibility of going forward with a new support organisation.

It is also hoped to have a PRRF presence at the Pudsey Carnival in May; a toy steam engine rally in Pudsey Park in July and the Harewood Traction Engine Rally at the end of August. If other appropriate events crop up, these will also be looked at as well.

Unfortunately your scribe missed the details about the present financial situation, except to note that the balance in the bank had increased. It is expected that orders for certain items will be placed soon, so it is expected that splendid balance will reduce somewhat.

Monetary donations to swell the fund will be very welcome and these should be sent to:- Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund, The Road Roller Association, 5 Dryden Avenue, Balderton, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 3QT.