The "Pudsey Roller" fund passes £10,000

At our December Committee Meeting, the formation of a Sub-Committee was sanctioned to progress the restoration and fund raising necessary for the Pudsey roller, on long term loan from Leeds City Council. At the turn of the year, the Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund stood at around £9,300.

Ian Fearnley, the Operations Officer, his son Jamie and the rest of the team are presently dismantling the Roller as time permits, in between Ian working on the restoration his own Sentinel Waggon. So far, the crankshaft, flywheel, cylinder and motion have been removed together with the rear rolls and scarifier. With this latter item off the Roller most of the remains of the tender collapsed (see photograph below) – indicating it was really only being held together by rust and not a lot else!

A decision has been taken to replace the boiler barrel and the removal of the cylinder etc. has considerably help in the intended dismantling of the motion – which was very well seized as a result of exposure to the elements for a very long time.

The next step in the stripping down will be the removal of the back axle and a puller has been borrowed for this purpose in order to remove the brake drum and/or the main gear.

Recent decisions of the Sub-Committee have resulted in competitive prices being sought for the supply of a new tender and also a quantity of shot blasting and priming of already removed components which is to be carried out when the better weather comes. Also, an order will be placed very soon for a set of tubes, the money for which has already been donated by member Keith Sargeant. One of the first new items to be provided for the roller has been a wire-bound water lifter hose which has been purchased by Tony Hunt of Leeds, who was Chairman of the Leeds & District Traction Engine Club for a very long time. This was obtained via Stuart Gray at a very specially negotiated discount with Redferns of Manchester, specifically for this project.

Aspects of further fund raising are being discussed and the means of achieving these. Also under consideration, in the longish term, is the possible formation of a support group – initially locally and then nationally - perhaps to be known as The Friends of the Pudsey Roller.

In early January, an exhibition stand promoting the Pudsey Roller was organised in conjunction with the Leeds & District Traction Engine Club at a Transport Fair at Pudsey Civic Centre, staffed by Committee Members Derek and Dorothy Rayner together with John and Dorothy Knapton and Keith Wear. This was well received locally and provided awareness of the project and it was sufficiently encouraging for a similar stand to be planned at other local events in the future.

The picture below, by Derek Rayner, shows the Pudsey Roller coming to bits. Here, the rear rolls are off – the next job is to release the axle and then block up at the back end to enable the front rolls, forks and forecarriage etc to be taken off. The lack of a side to the tender where the scarifier was is evident in this view.

Pudsey Dismantling

If there are any members out there who have an urge to want to help the Association in their present endeavours in connection with fund raising for the Pudsey Roller’s restoration, or are in a position to help with the donation of parts or services, would they please get in touch with Vice Chairman Derek Rayner. One item that is required in this respect is a chimney base casting. If anyone has a pattern for this item of the right size that might be available on loan, please contact Derek on 01904 781519.

Monetary donations to swell the fund will be very welcome and these should be sent to:- Pudsey Roller Restoration Fund, The Road Roller Association, 5 Dryden Avenue, Balderton, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire NG24 3QT.