Motor Roller Register

At the Committee Meeting on 6th December 2014 Andrew Watson was appointed as the Association's new Motor Roller Register Officer.

The Road Roller Associationís Motor Roller Register is THE Register for all interested in Motor Rollers whether it was (or is) a road roller or a sports field roller.

It is hope to publish a new edition of the Motor Roller Register, No. 4, in the future. Before we can do that we need to update our records.

Do you own one or more Motor Rollers, or know of a Motor Roller/s? If so please let the Association's Motor Roller Register Officer, Andrew Watson, know the details. Even if it was in the No. 3 edition please do confirm as so many have now changed hands. We would like to make the details as accurate as possible.

Where possible we would like the following information :-

Extra information that will be held in the Records officerís file as confidential :-

Additional optional information to allow us to identify rollers in previous listings with incomplete details would be extremely helpful. This includes :-

Please send information directly to our Motor Roller Register Officer. This can be done on one of the following ways :-

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