RRA Officers and Committee


A new Committee was elected at the 42nd AGM on 5th March 2016.

The current Committee is as follows :-

President Steve Arrowsmith
Email: president
Chairman Michael Goakes
Email: chairman
Vice-Chairman Derek Rayner
Email: vicechair
General Secretary Chris Munt
Email: gensec
Treasurer Paul Wood
Email: treasurer
Membership Secretary Alison Green (*)
Email: memsec
Editor Paul Jarman
Email: editor
Steam Archivist Derek Rayner
Email: steamarc
General Archivist Andrew Eyre
Email: genarc
Sales Officer VACANT
Email: N/A
Publicity Officer Richard Newman
Email: publicity
Webmaster Alan Holmes
Email: webmaster
Committee Vacant
Email: N/A
Paul Green
Email: committee2
Charles Swaffield
Email: committee3
Tim Harris
Email: committee4

(*) A new Membership Secretary, Alison Green, was co-opted at a Committee Meeting held during April 2016 to replace Dorothy Rayner who had indicated that she wished to stand down at the earliest oppurtunity for personal reasons.

The Sales Officer and 1 General Committee positions are currently vacant. The Editor has indicated that he wishes to stand down at the next AGM due to work committments If any member is interested in this position please contact the General Secretary a.s.a.p..

The Committee would like to extend their thanks to Lyndon Shearman who stood down at the AGM.


In addition to the elected Committee above the following are non-elected Officers of the Association :-

Motor Roller Register Andrew Watson
Email: mrr