The Road Roller Association (RRA) was formed in 1974 by a handful of dedicated enthusiasts and we now have over 500 members in the U.K. and overseas.

One of the prime objectives of the RRA is to help encourage the preservation of Rollers, both Steam and Motor, and other items of road making equipment used by road making gangs, i.e. :-

Not all members are roller owners and it is not necessary to be so to become a member. The RRA welcomes all those with an interest in road making in all its forms. Demonstrations are arranged at various locations of stone crushing and traditional road making, and members and others are encouraged to take part. We provide a quarterly magazine called Rolling, full of useful and sometimes humorous articles. A considerable Archive collection exists for the benefit of members and advice and assistance can be given with regard to insurance together with registration or re-registration of recent finds.

N.B. The services of Members of the RRA Committee are, in general, available to members and to non-members for an appropriate fee. In-depth research into aspects of our hobby is time consuming and sometimes costly - involving time, phone calls and postal communications. Expenses in respect of such activities will be expected to be met.

The RRA Symbol

RRA logo

This signifies the common bond between steam and motor rollers; the scarifier mounted on the rear roll. The scarifier hold spikes or tines which are used to break up the road surface prior to re-laying. Lapel badges, cast brass car/roller badges, stickers and other special items portraying the RRA symbol are available from the Sales Officer.

Anyone interested in Steam or Motor rollers, their history, or associated equipment should become a member of the Association.